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Adopt a Block

Adopt-a-Block is a strategy used internationally in urban communities to create good will and identify the needs of neighborhood residents. City on a Hill uses teams of staff and volunteers to visit door-to-door, connecting with families and assisting them with immediate needs, such as minor home maintenance or yard projects.
Community engagement occurs as relationships are formed and residents respond to the compassion and "servanthood" demonstrated by the teams. By first exploring both the strengths and needs within a community, the organization is able to develop relevant services that appeal to neighborhood residents.
Throughout the year, City on a Hill sponsors numerous small and large scale neighborhood events. Each summer, our teams form relationships with new families through the Adopt-a-Block outreach, inviting new children to its programs and assisting their parents fulfill needs. Over time, the organization seeks to help parents with educational and employment needs, and to connect them with local churches for ongoing support.