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Compassion Experience

“The Compassion Experience definitely shook us up that Sunday morning—in a positive way! Since then our whole church has gotten radically involved in serving people in our community.”

Dale Hazard, Senior Pastor
Augusta Assembly of God, Wis.


Sunday Service, Missions Banquet, & Compassion Event… all rolled into one!

Teach and challenge your congregation with this interactive event that will not only get them up and out of their seat, but inspire them to take action in your community. Participants arrive for your weekly church service and are served a meal that is full of surprises. As they enter the sanctuary or fellowship hall, Families and individuals will draw beads to determine their social status for the event. Children, youth and adults will all be challenged as they actively learn and see issues of poverty and justice enacted in your church service.

For more information, contact Brooke Hall at (414) 931-6670 or

Sign Up Today For Our Next Compassion Experience! $10/person, $35/family.

To Register, Email Michaela Kohlmeier.