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Passport to Compassion

“No longer do the people of our church just imagine what the poor go through, they’ve experienced it, and this affects how they live and how they engage with others. This is a life changing event that every person needs to experience and every church needs to offer.”   

Preston Tippen, Children’s Pastor
North Ridge Church, Marshfield, Wis.


PASSPORT TO COMPASSION is a biblically based, interactive event that opens eyes, touches hearts and motivates action.

Developed by City on a Hill in Milwaukee in 2009, PASSPORT TO COMPASSION has been presented in churches, organizations, and cities all across Wisconsin and Illinois. This two-hour journey into poverty enables adults and children to confront the hardships the poor experience every day in America.

Participants complete a passport application and receive $64 for their journey – the equivalent of one day’s income for a family of four living just above the federal poverty level of $23,550. They must figure out how to provide for basic needs of a family, from food and shelter, to school supplies and medical care. Decisions have to be made about what necessities the family will do without.

With hands-on simulations, games, skits, high-impact displays and discussions, people of all ages are able to learn about and experience the realities of poverty and oppression in our world, our nation and Milwaukee – America’s 8th poorest city.

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