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Generational Poverty


“We have a serious problem of generational poverty in our nation – but we also have a clear opportunity to solve it through what I would call generational generosity.”

Diane De La Santos
Executive Director, City on a Hill


A Pressing Issue...

Generational poverty is different from situational poverty. It occurs when a family has been in poverty for two or more generations. 

It is marked by a state of perpetual crisis. People living in generational poverty spend an enormous amount of time seeking to meet immediate food, shelter, and other basic needs. There is little time or energy to plan for the future, or to engage in activities that might sustain the family long term. It becomes nearly impossible to envision another way to live. Lack of hope and poor decision making skills create an unending cycle of poverty in the family, one generation after another.

A Powerful Solution...

City on a Hill is on a mission to help young people and families in Milwaukee break the cycle of generational poverty.

We work with youth in the central city to change the direction of their lives. We provide behavioral risk reduction, life skills and decision making training, academic support, employment mentoring, and college and career preparation to help young people develop a new vision for their future and break the cycle of generational poverty.



You Can Be Part of the Solution…

Generational generosity is a compassionate way that your family can help to transform the lives of youth and families in places like Milwaukee’s central city, who are working to break the cycle of generational poverty. And as you do this, you will be leaving a powerful legacy for your children!

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