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Health Educator (Seasonal/Temporary Position)

Position Purpose:
The Health Educator will plan and implement all educational components of a grant  that is focused on educating central city adults on the COVID-19 vaccine. This person will be present and educate guests at multiple events within our family & health programming. These events include Health Outreach Events, Pop-Up Events, Family Engagement Events, Sunday Dinner and Youth Center Events (as they occur).  At these events, the Health Educator will staff an educational booth focused on vaccine education, provide educational materials to guests in a 1:1 setting,  lead small group presentations and offer vaccine navigation assistance.  In addition, the Health Educator will work with our media team to provide COVID-19 education and outreach information on social media platforms and on the City on a Hill website.  

This is a full-time (~30 hours) seasonal/temporary role that last through August 31, 2021

Specialized Know-How and Requirements:
-Professional registered nurse with current Wisconsin license.
-Minimum five years’ experience in a clinic or hospital setting.
-Experience in nonprofit, social service or ministry organization.
-Strong written, oral and interpersonal communication skills.
-Ability to perform responsibilities in a self-directed environment.
-Must possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
-Excellent people skills, and the ability to solve practical problems.
-Strong organizational skills and ability to recognize areas of improvement and suggest ideas for change.
-Must be able to work the 2nd Saturday of each month and occasional evenings.
-Must be able to work in a fast-changing environment
-Strong team player with a background in working with a variety of people (different age groups and cultures) in a professional, Christ-like manner.
-Proficient with navigating the Internet and utilizing Microsoft -Office programs including: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
-Evidence of spiritual maturity, including integrity, humility and self-discipline.
-Actively involved in a local church.

Mental/Physical Requirements:
-Must be able to drive to work-related business outside of  City on a Hill.
-Operates equipment necessary to perform the job.
-Stands, walks, and reaches above the shoulders as well as squats, bend, twists, kneels and climbs throughout the shift.
-Must be able to lift, push, carry various items (bags, boxes, etc.)
-Lift up to 10 lbs and frequently up to 20 lbs, push/pull 20 lbs.

Send resume, cover letter and salary history to: