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Bring a Group

City on a Hill is a place of "mutual transformation", where people who give also receive, as they work in a multi-cultural environment and learn to demonstrate compassion while honoring the dignity of those they serve.

City on a Hill has become a catalyst to revitalize its central city neighborhood. Now you can use it as a catalyst to spur compassionate outreach and evangelism in your community.

  • Bring a team for a day of service
  • Bring a group for a weekend of ministry and spend the night in the City on a Hill dormitories
  • Encourage your men's group to take on a work project or room renovation
  • Suggest that your women's, singles' or youth groups send volunteer teams
  • Bring a group to City on a Hill to help volunteer for a neighborhood outreach and be involved in hands-on activity!

Click here to view upcoming opportunities!

How to schedule a service group

1. Contact City on a Hill to find an available date. Call Michaela at (414) 931-6670 or email 

2. Once you find an available date, download the Service Group Agreement Form. Complete and send the form to City on a Hill via fax, email or US mail.

  • To register a group of 5-15 volunteers, the Service Group Agreement must be received 3 weeks prior to the activity.
  • For groups exceeding 15 volunteers, the Service Group Agreement must be received 6 weeks prior to the activity.

3. Once the Service Group Agreement is received, City on a Hill will send you a confirmation email with additional information. Your date is reserved when the confirmation email has been sent to you. Please do not advertise dates within your organization until you have received your confirmation email from City on a Hill.

4. All participants are required to complete one of these two forms:

5. Collect release forms from all participants and bring to City on a Hill. Give them to a staff member upon arrival.